An evolution of worldwide mobile payment

  • Secured with real assets (own resorts, real estate, participations, pure metals and other investments in sustainable assets).

  • Quick and secure transfers + stable + inflation-proof + globally

  • Direct democratic structures to prevent abuse of power and to create a clear transparency

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UNISON CASH is revolutionary and free, world-wide accessible digital crypto currency on blockchain-basis, with the possibility for businesses to work without traditional banks and bank accounts.

  • Fully backed by real assets

    UNISON CASH is backed by a diversified portfolio of real assets such as gold, real estate and others to be protected against uncontrolled inflation.

    Decentralized system

    The system is controlled and managed mainly by the governing board of the foundation to ensure that the first global currency becomes reality.

  • New technology

    The use of blockchain technology allows for immediate transactions within seconds for nearly no costs at all.

    Wide acceptance

    We have been working tirelessly to ensure the acceptance of UNISON CASH by a wide range of product and service providers worldwide.

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The UNISON CASH ecosystem


  • Users wallet has their own blockchain and comes with a wide range of functionalities: Creation of sub accounts, transfers to sub accounts, switching of main devices

  • The only owner of his private key is the user himself! The personal wallet can be operated on multiple devices.

  • Real time, secure and stable money transfer and online banking

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How it works

The entities

  • The foundation manages the overall ecosystem of UNISON CASH. It selects our coordination centers and secures the liquidity of the system.

  • UNISON CASH coordination centers have an official bank license and apply for a membership to the foundation to be part of the UNISON CASH ecosystem.

  • The points of acceptance such as stores, shops and other entities are responsible for communication with the customer and the user of UNISON CASH.

Technological cycles

The General blockchain (UNISON CASH coordination centers and the foundation)
  • The general blockchain controls all of the transactions.

  • It can be accessed only by the foundation and the UNISON CASH coordination centers.

Secondary blockchain (acceptance points)
  • Our business partners, the points of acceptance such as stores, shops and other entities have their own blockchain.

  • Into these log blockchains we protocol all activities from each user to have a higher level of security. Therefore it has a complete history of all actions done in each place in the network.

Tertiary blockchain (user)
  • Customers have their own blockchain and have full control over their transactions. They have the access rights for each of their external devices on their mobile phone and all their devices at any time.

  • They can build their own cold storage, make backup systems, integrate Iot equipment, etc.


  • 2016 + Feasibility study with first investors

  • 2017-2018 + Crowdfunding phase

  • + Start of our Facebook business page + Design and implementation of the smart contract for the UNISON CASH tokens + Design and implementation of the token platform + Foundation of the STO company for the VIP presale + Elaboration of contracts for VIP investors + Start of the VIP presale Scheduled + Establishment of the new UNISON CASH foundation

  • Q1 2020 + Start main STO

  • Q1 2021 + Change smart contracts to UNISON COINs

  • For more details take a look into our whitepaper

Management Team

  • Nino M.


  • Leonardo


  • Brigitte T.


Investor Relation

  • Jürgen


  • Prince Bright Ese

    Investor Relation Africa

Advisory Team

  • Filip


  • Andrey


  • Andrew